PU sandwich panel production line

The PU sandwich panel production line has been developed to automatically produce high-quality sandwich material at a fast rate both efficiently as well as structurally well-defined and stable. The rapid rate of material production, less requirement of human interference, efficient usage of materials, and a fully automated process are some of the main benefits of PU Sandwich Panel production line that make it stand apart while competing with the top European Companies at much lesser cost. Our PU sandwich Panel Production Line has been already deployed and being used at several places in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Russia, and so on.

Our PU sandwich panel production line is environmentally friendly because we use HCFC-14b blowing unit and Pentane, which is an eco-friendly material that produces a negligible amount of waste. When we consider the process of mass production each speck of waste amounts to a vast quantity that can be easily be accumulated to produce a tonne of waste. The usage of a continuous PU Sandwich Panel Production line ensures that there is a minimum amount of waste and all of the waste is recyclable to a certain extent. These processes, in turn, maximise the amount of profit scored by the company in the overall manufacturing process.  Our PU Sandwich Panel Production line has high resistance to flame because we use Poly Isocyanurate (PIR) in its manufacturing.


It is a packaging system to put steel coil into the Sandwich panel at a constant rate. As it is operated hydraulically, it can be toggled via a simple switch and a computer programme can control the feed rate easily. Also, the new machines are capable of providing continuous feed without having to stop the machine to put in a new steel coil.

Roll Forming Unit

The Roll forming unit has a metal roller with an upper and lower section that is used to produce beautiful shapes such as roof type panel and a variety of wall. The un-coiler transfers the steel roll feed to the Roll forming unit between the lower and upper sections of a metal roller where the desired shapes are created. The design of the unit is cassette and railway type so that beautiful shapes such as roof type panel can be easily created without much effort.

PU Foaming Unit

The PU forming unit finishes the next important step in the manufacture of the sandwich type PU panels. The essential elements of this unit include Nozzle, Pump, a Tank, Catalysts, Gas, and Traverse. All these elements make this unit a reliable device, which is easy to maintain. The PU solution is sprayed using the Nozzle and Pump whereas the tank provides a space to store the solution. The traverse is used to make the distribution of PU solution even. Also via the use of the control panel on this unit, it is easy to control the various aspects of the foam spray on the coil.

Laminating Unit

The function of the laminating unit is to apply a constant amount of pressure as well as heat to the upper and lower steel plates between which the PU foam has been recently sprayed. The design of this unit is made to ensure a fast motion in the assembly line for a faster rate of production finish.

Panel Cutting Unit

The Panel cutting unit incorporates the use of a band saw or a wheel cutter to cut the panels that come from the laminating unit. The panel cutting is done in the desired length and as per the customer requests. Cuttings such as brand saw cutting and wheel cutting can be done easily by this unit.

Cooling Conveyor Unit

As Polyurethane sandwich panel in thick, it may need substantial time to achieve the complete hardening. The Cooling Conveyor Unit provides an environment to the Polyurethane sandwich panel where it has sufficient hardening time before stacking and packing.

Auto Stacking Unit

The Auto stacking unit does the job of stacking the panels over the top of each other to conserve the space in the factory as well as utilize the packing material in the most efficient way. The completed panels are loaded on top of each other in a continuous array or a crossed fashion as per the requirements of the customer.

Panel Packing Unit

The final stage of the PU sandwich panel production line is completed at the panel packing unit. This unit is responsible for the packing of the stacked material on either 4 or 6 sides as per the necessity. The packed material finally exits the assembly line from this unit. The packing is done in a way to ensure easy cargo and transportation of the goods.