Sandwich Panel Machine

If looking for an equipment that can guarantee high durability, most advanced technology and easy management, sandwich panel is the perfect one. Sandwich panel machine refers to the automation equipment that is known for continuous and efficient ability in producing produce polyurethane sandwich panels characterized with exquisite and extensive variety of shapes. This equipment is popularly known due to its excellent facility that has been exported to different places such as Europe, Asia, Russia and more including domestic market and is received by the customers on its best condition and quality.

Sandwich panel machine has insulating capacity along with great durability and high strength. Moreover, by means of PIR or Poly Isocyanurate having the resistance to flame, the panel will have high resistance to flame. Another, its HCFC-14b which is the blowing unit together with Pentane, the eco-friendly material can successfully create more safe and better environment as it is considered to be the “Green” unit.

The whole system of sandwich panel machine is composed of un-coiler system, roll forming system, PU foaming system, laminating system, panel cutting system, cooling conveyor system, auto stacking system and panel packing system.

Sandwich Panel Machine Features           

-  Exquisite sandwich panels with superior practicality , including insulation, flame resistance and sound-proofing

- Hot air circulation furnace for strict control over PU foaming and solidification temperature in a soluble range

-  High stability, precise measurement and bit dust making for high pressure foaming system protecting the health of the workers from harm during production

- Uses 14b allowing the PU foaming treatment in becoming environment-friendly with regards to production technology

- Specialized double belt conveyor design ensuring even thickness, flat surface and anti-deformation of the sandwich panels

- Simple operation system and user-friendly design

Sandwich Panel Machine Composition


Un-coiler refers to the device that specifically inputs steel coil into the sandwich panel machine parts for stability. The 2+2 system production equipment unit does not require to be stopped in loading the new set of coil helping it to continue producing high panel capacity.

Roll Foaming

Roll foaming unit is the device that is responsible for continuously shape to sandwich panel machine as steel coil is being fed from the Un-coiler engaging between the upper and the lower sections of the metal roller.

PU Foaming

PU Foaming machine is consist of nozzle and pump spraying polyurethane solution and is equipped with a control panel for easy adjustments for various data in the firing process.

Laminating Unit

PU foaming machine is a device used to create the shape of the sandwich panel that applies constant heat and pressure to the upper and lower plate that is foamed with polyurethane.

Panel Cutting Unit

Panel cutting unit is a device that responsible in cutting the sandwich panel fabricated in the laminating unit according to the desired length.

Cooling Conveyor Unit

Cooling conveyor unit enables the permission for sufficient hardening time prior to the stacking and packing panels.

Auto Stacking Unit

Auto stacking unit automatically stacks all the finished panels based to the desired quantity that can be loaded continuously.

Panel Packing Unit

Panel packing unit is the device for packing the panels loaded to auto stacking unit having plastic wrap on the 4 or 6 sides and then discharges them.