Polyurethane sandwich panel line

polyurethane sandwich panel line

Created with a polyurethane core, the polyurethane sandwich panels are cost-effective and high-quality. The automated panel line is able to product sandwich panels quickly and easily which is great for time-management. The polyurethane Sandwich panel line uses flame-resistant PIR (Polyisocyanurate) materials and is also environmentally-friendly and is known for using “green” materials and processes. The entire automated system includes many different systems within the umbrella automated system which include the un-coiler, roll forming unit, polyurethane forming unit, the laminating unit, and more.
The un-coiler is vital towards producing the highest-quality sandwich panels since it both inputs and releases the coil in order to feed the panels into the automated machine safely and effectively. The un-coiler is automated through a hydraulic system that is simple to operate and use. Another aspect of the un-coiler is that it provides continuous movement since the machine feeds continuously and in a fluid motion.
The panel packing unit applies plastic wrap to the sandwich panels after they have been created by the automated polyurethane sandwich panel line. The plastic wrap is applied to either 4 or 6 of the different sides of the panels and then discharged onto a cargo truck for efficient transportation processes. The panels are transferred to the cargo trucks automatically by way of the machine.


In order to feed the machine in a stable way, the un-coiler is a device that inputs the steel coil itself into the upper and the lower parts of the sandwich panel. It is a convenient and sophisticated automatic machine that is operated with a hydraulic. There is no need for the un-coiler device to reload the new coil set, it automatically reloads which leads to a consistent products of high-capacity panels being produced. The production equipment is a 2×2 systematic unit.
Roll Forming Unit
This part of the polyurethane sandwich panel line is the roll forming unit which actually gives the correct shape to the panel itself, and is able to create a variety of different shapes. This part of the mechanism consists of a metal roller and the way that it works is the steel coil is put into the panel packing unit to create the right shape.

Polyurethane Foaming Unit

The PU foaming unit sprays the PU solution onto the panel. It includes a pump and spray nozzle, as well as a bin that holds the PU solution. This unit has been carefully designed with a control panel that offers great precision in order to spray the panel correctly. The control panel can be adjusted accordingly.

Laminating Unit

The laminating unit actually shapes the panel itself. In order to shape the panel correctly, heat as well as intense pressure is created in the unit which bends the panel accordingly.

Panel Cutting Unit

This area of machine cuts the panel using various types of cutting such as wheel cutting. A band saw is used to cut the panel based on the needs of the user.

Cooling Conveyer Unit

This is a very important step in the process since this unit cools the panel once it has been shaped, sprayed, and cut. In order to stack and store the panels, they must be cooled down first, and this is why this unit is vital in the polyurethane sandwich panel line.

Automated Stacking Unit

This is one of the last steps in the polyurethane sandwich panel line. This unit is used after the panels have been cooled by the cooling conveyer unit and are then stacked on top of one another. The stacking can also be done in a diagonal fashion as well. And, a lift conveyer or vacuum suction plates are used to stack the panels. This unit is automated and very efficient, as several panels can be stacked continuously on top of one another very quickly.

Panel Stacking Unit

This last step in the polyurethane sandwich panel line is when plastic wrap is applied to the panels to ensure quality and durability. This unit also makes way for easy transportation purposes for the panels themselves.