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Standing seam roofing sheet

This Roll forming machine for standing seam roof is manufactured based on the world’s top technology and experiences, and the Roll forming machine for standing seam roof is equipped with high durability and convenient management. It is available to produce roof products of plate and arch types and the angle and length of arch can be easily adjusted. Fabricated products are rigid without damage on the surface, and it is easy to install. In case that the equipment is mounted in a 40 ft container, it is available to manufacture products at construction sites, as it can be used as travelling equipment.

Roll forming machine for standing seam roof consists of Un-coiler that inputs and releases coil, Roll Forming Unit that forms shape through multi-stage forming roll, and Shearing Unit that cuts and bends the fabricated roof panels. It is available to mount the equipment in a 40 ft container.


Un-coiler is a device that inputs steel coil to feed it stably to the equipment. Applying the portable system, the un-coiler becomes simple and compact to minimize the use of space.

Roll Forming Unit

By Multi stages forming rolls and Microwave rollers provides the graceful beauty of shapes and the last 3 rolls gives arch shapes to the products. To avoid the arched panel’s friction with the ground, adjust the position of the molding product discharged through two large hydraulic cylinders.

Shearing Unit

Auto Stacking Unit is a device that loads the completed standing seam roof panels after cutting properly, and it can discharge products in various ways after loading.

Portable system

It enables to manufacture products at the job site, mounting the completed forming unit fixed in a 40 ft container. Therefore, there is an advantage to minimize the transportation costs.