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Automobile Exterior

The equipment is manufactured based on the world’s top technology and experiences, and Roll forming machine for Automobile Exterior is equipped with high durability and convenient management. It can produce quality automobile exterior steel plate continuously and economically.

The forming unit with the best high precision technology, it can produce the products that consumers want.

Roll forming machine for Automobile Exterior consists of Un-coiler that inputs and releases coil, Pinch Roll & Leveling System that exquisitely inputs coil, Roll Forming Unit that makes shapes through Multi-stage Roll Forming Unit, and Shearing Unit that cuts the fabricated products.


Un-coiler is a device that inputs steel coil to feed it stably to the equipment.
Using Coil Car can makes easy to load and change the Coil and the mandrel shafts expand and contact operates by a hydraulic.

Pinch roll & Punching system

The device stably supplies steel coil fed from Un-coiler to the system, inputting it to the equipment and leveling precisely.

Roll forming unit

It is a device that cuts automobile exterior steel plate, cutting precisely the wave form derived from Multi Stage Roll Forming Unit

Shearing unit

It precisely cuts the completed automobile exterior steel plate and discharges. Various ways can be applied, depending on the required output such as GO&STOP, Shear Manufacturing and Fly-type Shear Manufacturing.