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Facade(siding) sheet

This Roll forming machine for Façade(siding) is manufactured based on the world’s top technology and experiences, and the Roll forming machine for Façade(siding) has high durability and convenient management. The Façade panel produced by this Roll forming machine for Façade(siding) has a variety of shapes and elegant exterior.

Roll forming machine for Façade(siding) consists of Un-coiler that inputs and releases coil, Pinch Roll & Leveling System that exquisitely inputs coil, N.C Feeder & Punching Unit that punches and notches the input coil precisely, Roll Forming Unit that makes shape through Multi-stage Forming Roll, and Shearing Unit that cuts the produced Façade panels.


Un-coiler is a device that inputs steel coil to feed it stably to the equipment.

Pinch Roll & Leveling System

The device stably supplies steel coil fed from Un-coiler to Punching System, inputting it to the equipment and leveling precisely.

N.C.Feeder & Punching Unit

It precisely punches and notches to the input coil, and punches and notches various exquisite and functional structures required by Siding panels.

Roll Forming Unit

It provides aesthetic shape through multi-stage forming roll and microwave forming roll, and in case of choosing Cassette Type or Double Layer Type, more diverse shapes like U-bar, Track can be formed at single equipment.

Shearing Unit

It is a device to precisely cuts and bends products. Various ways can be applied, depending on the required output. Simultaneously the function which it bent the produced panel both of ends in 90º and through this function helps produces the Façade panels more effectively.