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FrameCAD Solutions

The “Frame CAD Solution” series roll forming machinery is a automatic equipment that entirely produce such materials as steel house, wall frame which is essential for a lightweight steel structure, of truss that is necessary for the roof and floor construction throughout the cold roll forming machinery.

TF(Truss and Frame) roll forming machinery is the best equipment for automatic production of the roof and floor truss because it efficiently combines to use FrameCAD Detailer and FrameCAD ProDesign which are engineering software.
Every manufactured goods is accurate, and such materials as detailed molding, cutting, punching, and a hole for bolt fixing are produced to be able to construct in the field by the one touch handling.

TF850(Twintrack) roll forming machinery is a brand new equipment for the lightweight steel structure. It can produce 6 types(C-shape 3types, U-shape 3types) of ANSI standard products.
The possible molding range of TF850 is material’s thickness 0.75~1.6mm and product’s width 90~150mm.
The change production is possible after replacement the cutting mold and operation of the automatic width adjustment molding machinery.
The production is proceeding step by step according to the manufacturing orders in process. Labels which are the same as the part number on the architecture CAD drawings will be printed on both sides of the products.

This equipment completes a blueprint using by a FrameCAD solutions program created by IL KWANG. Because this competed blueprint is comparability with the module installed in the machinery, the automatic production system is fully equipped. Every structure calculation related to building construction is automatically calculated by this program. Automatic production makes progress as soon as the operator input this calculation data into the equipment.


Un-coiler is a device that inputs steel coil to feed it stably to the equipment.

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Pinch roll & Punching system

The device automatically and precisely punches steel coil fed form Un-coiler by data, inputting the steel coil exquisitely to the equipment.

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Roll forming unit

Rigid Multi-stage forms the coil fed from Pinch Roll & Punching System.

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Shearing unit

It is a device to cut fabricated products, cutting precisely the wave form derived from Roll Forming Unit to the required length and discharge it.

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