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Roof tile sheet

This Roll forming machine for roof tile is a world-class production technology and the experience of a high durability and simply controlled to produce the products. The facility can produce all different and variety designed waveforms based in the best quality.

The Roll forming machine for roof tile, is also can produce a variety of elegant and sophisticated style, metal tile panels and metal shingle tiles, molded panel lines and raised the efficiency of the equipment and to produce normal metal tile roof panels as well as panels.

Un-coiler that inputs and releases coil, Roll Forming Unit that makes shape of coil, and Shearing Unit that cuts the fabricated roof panel, Drawing Unit applying steps to products at the constant depth is adopted. Auto Stacking Unit is a device that loads the completed roof tile sheets after cutting properly, and it can discharge products in various ways after loading.


Un-coiler is a device that inputs steel coil to feed it stably to the equipment.

Roll forming unit

Changing over from Cassette type which it through the multi stage rolls to produce the graceful beauty of shapes and Double layer type to make various shapes can be formed through the unit.

Shearing & Drawing unit

The unit applies steps at the constant depth to products that forming has been completed, and scratch does not occur on products at drawing as rigidly finished blade material is used.
And a shearing unit, the device to cut fabricated roof panel, cutting precisely the wave form derived from Roll Forming Unit to the required length and discharge. Various ways can be applied, depending on the required output.

Auto stacking unit

A device that packs panels loaded at Auto Stacking Unit with plastic wrap and discharges them.

Profiles: Roll forming machine for roof tile sheet


  • Coil width : 1200mm
  • Coil thickness : 0.5mm
  • Finished width : 925mm
  • Pitch : 185mm
  • Depth : 27mm


  • Coil width : 1200mm
  • Coil thickness : 0.4~0.7mm
  • Finished width : 1000mm
  • Pitch :167mm
  • Depth : 40mm


  • Coil width : 1200mm
  • Coil thickness : 0.4~0.7mm
  • Finished width : 1000mm
  • Pitch : 200mm
  • Depth : 30mm