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EuroBLECH 2016 & The Big 5



From the 25th to the 29th of October 2016 IL KWANG Metal Forming has successfully exhibited at  EuroBLECH 2016 – the 24th International Sheet Metal Working Technology Exhibition in Hanover, Germany.

During these five amazing days we presented our latest technological achievements and innovations to our visitors and managed to increase our brand awaraness in metal forming and manufacturing industry.

We would like to thank everyone who showed interest in our company and visited us at the exhibition. It was a real pleasure meeting so many people and presenting our products. Thank you very much, EuroBLECH 2016 for welcoming us, and see you again in 2018!

IL KWANG Metal Forming will be exhibiting again very soon at the Big 5 in Dubai – the largest construction event in the Middle East. We are really looking forward to expand our reach on interested visitors and present our high quality products. See you all on November 21-24, 2016 in Dubai, UAE!


Wonderful photos taken in the company

Wonderful photos taken in the company

One spring day in April 2015, great pictures on the wall pillars and took their places in the office building of IL KWANG METAL FORMING. Due to the somewhat stiff gin hanging pictures and monotonous office soften the atmosphere was refined. Orthopedic and attention to detail of a digital sensibility of office building space inside the building led to the warm atmosphere of the company that you want to associate with analog sensibility executives are summed dream for many people, including company employees and visitors and laughter. When look at the still picture frame hung on the walls and pillars as if looking through scenery outside the window is reminiscent of leisure and abundance, happiness, etc. in the field of complex emotions that I feel.

Magnolia flower has bloomed wide in the company.

The cold winter of 2015 season pass slip stretch of chartreuse, spring has come.

Receiving buds of magnolia flowers in the spring planted a large flower bed beneath the fence ranked bloom. Beautiful magnolia flower language of flowers is ‘nobility’. It is equals the values and philosophy for the product manufacturing of the IL KWANG METAL FORMING. Side of blooming magnolia flower, there to raise the chartreuse buds to bloom the soft pink cherry blossom, next to it is a yellow forsythia produce a good minister with a view of magnolia flowers. Brightly embellished spring Flower beautiful appearance inside the mechanical monotonous and gray light scene of factory is hearts are warm and enjoyable.

Special safety campaign at production site named “Safety first”

Right from the beginning of April of 2015, we are conducting a special safety campaign. By specifying the safety officer to check the site several times each day and establish a countermeasure against the risk interspersed throughout to minimize the risk of exposure. In addition, all employees of the production site is always mandatory to wear safety equipments such as  helmets, safety shoes, gloves, wearing mask, protective wear, and others that can protect the body. As the case, it would bring both seller and customers benefit, contributing to the improvement of products and services.

27th anniversary of founding

27th anniversary of founding

2015 March 1 is our 27th anniversary. Since March 1 is Sunday the ceremony was held on February 27th with all the staff members. On president speech, he reminds of how the IL KWANG have been from the beginning to be reaching the level and stages of where we are and talk about the meaning and future management policies.

New Vision Declaration

New Vision Declaration

Making and to achieve the IL KWANG’s targeted goal in upcoming future, we announced with our new vision “we will make the world best management team for 0% on defective of our products and services”  for IL KWANG to one step further to meet not us but customer’s satisfaction.

In addition, the mission of IL KWANG, “To manufacture the best equipment with the best technology, to achieve customer satisfaction, and further contribute to the development of prefabricated construction market”

Willingness of such innovations can be seen in the phrase “The world’s leading manufacturer of panel lines through technological innovation.” as a vision of a renewed proclamation on this day.

Also this is strong commitment for achieving through a survival strategy and product differentiation cost savings of technological innovation and management improvement in the overheated sandwich panel line market due to the recent emerging market of developing countries

IL KWANG will make sure to allow for future development of products and services to make customers satisfaction within the faith.

25th metacon

MetalCon exhibition program confirmed


MetalCon exhibition

MetalCon exhibition program confirmed

25th MetalCon

IL KWANG’s sales department will attend to METALCON exhibition in Tempa, Florida USA. The exhibition will be held from 2015 October 14 to October 16 for 3 days and our booth number is 1519.

METALCON roll forming machine (Roll forming machine) is one of the largest international exhibitions in the field and usually have customers in different regions around the world such as North America and Latin America, and Asia will participate. Further strengthen our relationships with existing customers through the exhibition participation and attract new customers that such a multi-faceted plan to accelerate the marketing activities in the off-line