Roll Forming Machine

We have a production line for architectural and automotive steel sheet forming (Roll forming machine) is processed by a different type of carbon material (S45C, SCM415, SCM440) include roller, a powerful and reliable driving (Driving) system, rigid frame, consists of a hydraulic system.

Produce the variety shapes of forming structure, inputting of various kinds of steel coils, certain shape and pattern to produce them continuously. It has been used extensively in exterior building materials such as car frames, car exterior structures

Roll Forming Producing Line01Roll Forming Producing Line02

Roll Forming Producing Line03

Our steel molding for architectural & automotive production line is designed to increase the efficiency of production and various shapes can be molded effectively. So the Double layer type,  Rail moving system type and Cassette replacement type are applied.

In a two-layer(Double layer type) system molding rollers configured to produce two different products in a single-layer type of forming machine frame, covers efficiency of production and as in the advantage of minimizing the footprint of the equipment. The unit is suitable for a single sheet production and also it used for other production line.

Roll Forming Producing Line04

The Rail moving type has advantages as it can produce a wider range shapes compared to double layer type. But it requires a large space and a little pricey than double layer type.

It is automatically driven by motor system.

Roll Forming Producing Line05The cassette type is designed to cassette forming unit to have the various shapes in simply just change the cassette unit. The shape can be changed through the efficient and rapid one-touch clutch (one touch clutch) to produce generally similar shape products.
Roll Forming Producing Line06As the combining the cassette type with rail moving or exchange the double layer type with rail moving can be made per user’s need and it helps to obtain the competitive edge through various option of changing or combining the roll forming units.